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Disappointing Record Store Visit

Stopped in a local record store I happened to be near and was disappointed not to find any Bing Crosby albums (vinyl or cd). I was a bit surprised considering Bing's longevity and popularity at his peak I was sure I'd find something!

The trip east a total waste, I did pick up a Matt Monroe album!

I then stopped at  thrift store but only found a single Christmas cd with Crosby and Sinatra, which I left behind but I did purchase the  Sinatra - Basie album on CD.


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Re: Disappointing Record Store Visit

I am having the same trouble you are. When I first started collecting Bing in the mid 1980s, every time I went to a flea market or thrift store, I would find a new Bing Crosby. Now I have almost every Bing record on CD, so I can't find much new! Ebay seems to still surprise me but it is few and far between!


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Re: Disappointing Record Store Visit

I'm still astonished that in a store full of records they had absolutely no Crosby - none! They had Como, Sinatra, Dean Martin, Goulet, and a host of other "Male Vocalists" but no Crosby. Based solely on Bing's longevity I find that baffling! 

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Re: Disappointing Record Store Visit

I must say that, where I live, in a small town in northwest Tennessee, we don't even have a record store, so I usually shop online for CDs and vinyl (and also for books and other things). However, every time I go to a record store in Memphis, Nashville, or Lexington, KY, I do find Crosby CDs, usually the trite Christmas compilation, but sometimes other things, which I already have anyway. For instance, the last time I went to a record store (in Lexington), they had El Senor Bing on CD besides the typical Christmas collections, and I must admit I was quite surprised...


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Re: Disappointing Record Store Visit

I can report that here in Los Angeles, the few record stores I visit do continue to have some Bing on hand at all times. I have yet to go into a store and find his slot void of any LP's.  I DO realize that this is a major music market so I cannot speak for those in smaller ones.

In fact, not long ago I got a copy of  his multi (6?) disc Decca anthology in which he introduces the songs, etc. in rather fine shape. It cost me $3.00 USD.     

All the best,
Paul M. Mock

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Re: Disappointing Record Store Visit

Not surprised when i looked in HMV last year there was hardly any Tony Bennett CDs in the store this was a few weeks after he passed away so there is unlikely to be any of Bing's except for Christmas CDs.


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