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All potential new subscribers are looked up on an anti spamming database. If your name, id or IP address are shown to be involved with spamming activity you will be barred from access. All users are expected to abide by some simple rules - (1) To show every respect to the memory of Bing and his family. (2) To have full regard to the ongoing rights of the family to respect and privacy. (3) To understand and respect their ongoing business interests.. (4) To be generous and fair-minded to others; (5) To be considerate and responsible in any statements; (6) To participate regularly in discussions, if only to ask questions or to encourage the thriving of this community (7) To invite other fans of the great Bing Crosby to join us here. On registration everyone will be sent an email asking one or two simple questions. Only after a reply will registration be finalised and only then will posting be possible.

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