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Disappointing Record Store Visit

Stopped in a local record store I happened to be near and was disappointed not to find any Bing Crosby albums (vinyl or cd). I was a bit surprised considering Bing's longevity and popularity at his peak I was sure I'd find something!

The trip east a total waste, I did pick up a Matt Monroe album!

I then stopped at  thrift store but only found a single Christmas cd with Crosby and Sinatra, which I left behind but I did purchase the  Sinatra - Basie album on CD.


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Re: Disappointing Record Store Visit

I am having the same trouble you are. When I first started collecting Bing in the mid 1980s, every time I went to a flea market or thrift store, I would find a new Bing Crosby. Now I have almost every Bing record on CD, so I can't find much new! Ebay seems to still surprise me but it is few and far between!


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Re: Disappointing Record Store Visit

I'm still astonished that in a store full of records they had absolutely no Crosby - none! They had Como, Sinatra, Dean Martin, Goulet, and a host of other "Male Vocalists" but no Crosby. Based solely on Bing's longevity I find that baffling! 

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Re: Disappointing Record Store Visit

I must say that, where I live, in a small town in northwest Tennessee, we don't even have a record store, so I usually shop online for CDs and vinyl (and also for books and other things). However, every time I go to a record store in Memphis, Nashville, or Lexington, KY, I do find Crosby CDs, usually the trite Christmas compilation, but sometimes other things, which I already have anyway. For instance, the last time I went to a record store (in Lexington), they had El Senor Bing on CD besides the typical Christmas collections, and I must admit I was quite surprised...


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Re: Disappointing Record Store Visit

I can report that here in Los Angeles, the few record stores I visit do continue to have some Bing on hand at all times. I have yet to go into a store and find his slot void of any LP's.  I DO realize that this is a major music market so I cannot speak for those in smaller ones.

In fact, not long ago I got a copy of  his multi (6?) disc Decca anthology in which he introduces the songs, etc. in rather fine shape. It cost me $3.00 USD.     

All the best,
Paul M. Mock

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Re: Disappointing Record Store Visit

Back in the '70's, '80's and even in early '90's old record stores were plentiful around here, now I don't even know if any are left.  I know of a couple that still existed 10 years ago, but haven't been to see them.   Now I'd rather have a CD version of an album as they can download on my computer for the Media Player, that's my own personal radio station, it never plays any music I don't like.

Today modern collectors probably mainly stick to the internet.   Which really takes all the mystery and fun out of that elusive and exciting search from one record store to the next sometimes it'd take years to find the album you wanted.   You could never give up the search, always keeping in mind the albums you "needed".   All that searching hither and thither is now accomplished with going to ebay or even Amazon.   The maddening but exciting feeling of searching is gone but it's a lot easier now.


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