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Re: Bing Crosby 2 Gemmy dolls

The grey suit one arrived. His mouth don't move. Yes, Ian he is a ventriloquist! How Can I get his mouth to move? Maybe if I light his pipe? Ha!


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Re: Bing Crosby 2 Gemmy dolls

You could try my method, just move his mouth with your fingers as his song plays.  Just be careful you don't get bit.


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Re: Bing Crosby 2 Gemmy dolls

Archiefit, I did what you said, but it's too much work. He is like the Tin Man, only oil won't work.  Maybe if I give him a kiss? 

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Re: Bing Crosby 2 Gemmy dolls

Well, I've waited almost a month, now and can't bear it any longer...
… did you kiss him and did he favourably respond with the (singing) mouth movement you'd been waiting for?


01/10/2022 9:09 pm  #30

Re: Bing Crosby 2 Gemmy dolls

Ron Field wrote:

Bing always sent a letter saying what he was sort of up to - latest movie - and saying photo was coming under separate cover which arrived a couple of days later-a 10” x 8” photo protected by a piece of cardboard so photo wouldn’t be bent.
Bing was probably the only one to do this.
Have you ever seen the photo of Bing sitting on the desk with a pile of envelopes (photos) to be posted.
He certainly was a rare one compared to the rest of Hollywood.
I’ve also been very fortunate in meeting a number of the Crosby family and they all certainly had their feet solidly on the ground.


I have never knowingly seen the photograph you describe. Do you have a link to this or advice if it features in a particular book? I love how Bing would personally respond to your contacts - and in such a thoughtful and careful manner. If he'd have lived another seven or eight years or so, I'm almost certain I'd have been then old enough to have written, too..

I've heard Bob Hope, Stan Laurel and Joan Crawford were also very committed correspondents. Although from what I've read, Crawford's could, particularly in later life, sometimes border on the obsessional. 

I've just had a rare thought: Bing had his sporting buddy, Stan Laurel's comedy partner, Oliver Hardy cameo in a film of his, Bob and Bing together are now the stuff of legend - I wonder how any potential on screen chemistry of Bing and Joan Crawford would have fared? 

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01/10/2022 11:02 pm  #31

Re: Bing Crosby 2 Gemmy dolls

I've read Bing & Ollie got along, they both loved golf and the horses.


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