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Bing Autographs

I have a quick question. I perused Bing Crosby autographs on eBay a few minutes ago.  I noticed that often his autograph is simply "Bing".  Do autographs with his full name have more value?  And is that because more often than not he just signed his first name? Curious... I wouldn't mind owning an autograph.


05/1/2021 8:30 pm  #2

Re: Bing Autographs

I don't necessarily know what to tell you rarity-wise, however the autograph I bought has his full name. Most regular autographs I've seen of his are his full name, however on records where his "signature" is printed on the cover I find that usually it will be his first name only.

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09/2/2021 5:37 am  #3

Re: Bing Autographs

I remember being in LA near ‘ the walk’ with  with Stars stars in the footpath.
There was a shop with lots of photos supposedly autographed by the stars and with a quote - we can get a picture autographed for you.
Wasn’t one of Bing but I thought  that they would do a rough autograph themselves of any star.
I really didn’t trust them. I was not going to ask for a Bing as I had three or four at home.


09/2/2021 5:39 am  #4

Re: Bing Autographs

Oh, and a couple of letters signed too.
Wish the modern quick selfie photos were available way back in 1957 when Infirst met Bing, Bob and Larry and later on Phil when in Australia and later again other members.
Today so easy for a selfie with anybody.


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