27/12/2020 3:40 pm  #1

Bing Autographs

I have a quick question. I perused Bing Crosby autographs on eBay a few minutes ago.  I noticed that often his autograph is simply "Bing".  Do autographs with his full name have more value?  And is that because more often than not he just signed his first name? Curious... I wouldn't mind owning an autograph.


05/1/2021 8:30 pm  #2

Re: Bing Autographs

I don't necessarily know what to tell you rarity-wise, however the autograph I bought has his full name. Most regular autographs I've seen of his are his full name, however on records where his "signature" is printed on the cover I find that usually it will be his first name only.

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