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VIDEOCAST - Our Favorite Bing Crosby Songs

Dear all,

It seems hard to believe, but Malcolm Macfarlane and I have been doing our yearly Bing Crosby podcast for half a decade now! This fifth installment isn't only audio either—it features video and is an hour-long conversation about our favorite Bing Crosby songs. First we pick five favorites each, and then we go on to select three lesser-known numbers that we deem worthy of rediscovery. If you are interested in watching our conversation, you will find it here:


We hope you find it interesting, as Bing would say, if you're snowbound or there's a bus strike or something.  Links to each one of our song choices appear under the video itself. If the mood strikes you, please let us know what your choices would be and what you think of ours! 

Happy holidays everyone, and please stay safe wherever you are! 



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Re: VIDEOCAST - Our Favorite Bing Crosby Songs

Thanks a lot!
It is really interesting video, Anton!
Happy holidays to you, too!


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