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Australian bushfires

Just have the power back on after it going off on NYE. A period of about 8 days.
In Bermagui we were blocked off and no shops were open and even Woolworths supermarket closed its doors and no doubt a lot of food was wasted.
The Country Club served some sausage sandwiches as did the Surf Club.
The Country Club became HQ for the Rural Fire Service - sleeping and eating there between fighting the bushfires.
We had no power, no phone service, no deliveries but things are starting to improve.
Luckily no homes were destroyed but just a few miles away village shops and houses were destroyed. There are still over 100 fires burning in NSW alone then all the other States have firers burning.
Things are starting  to clear but the whole country has a long road ahead of it and Darwin now has tropical storms.
Anyway, let us hope that 2020 will live up to its name and give us 20/20 vision.


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Re: Australian bushfires

Good to know that you have emerged safely Ron, from the traumatic events. 
I'm sure that many have been watching the terrible progress of the fires and hearts will be going out to those affected.



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Re: Australian bushfires

Still over 100 fires in NSW as well as all other States. The fires are only about 20 air miles away and the wind has changed from a NE to a SW and smoke coming through.
Not as bad as was being predicted but still not good.
Nearly 2,000 homes Australia wide have been lost as well as our strange native animals.
The Northern Territory is receiving typhoons while all 6 states are burning.
Another few days of  wondering.

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