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Quality control on the 'Shop' section of BingCrosby.com

I was visiting the 'Shop' section of the BingCrosby.com website earlier today, and noticed something quite odd about the listing for the 'Christmas with Bing' compilation CD released in 2013 (seeĀ https://bingcrosby.com/product/christmas-with-bing).

It appears that whoever posted the track listing details for the CD simply copied and pasted the information from some online message board or forum. It looks as if listener comments are listed in brackets after some of the songs. Most jarring is the following comment after the song 'Peace On Earth/Little Drummer Boy':

("Can't stand this one, it's everywhere".)

LOL. Not exactly the type of information you want to see on the Shop section of an official artist's website. Not sure how this slipped by the BingCrosby.com website editors.


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Re: Quality control on the 'Shop' section of BingCrosby.com

No - I actually did see it on the 'Shop' section of the BingCrosby.com website earlier today, but as you have pointed out, the listing seems to have been pulled down (which is a good thing, and probably not a coincidence).

Here's an archived webpage from this past summer, which shows the listing I saw earlier today:

Since you mentioned Amazon, I just did a search on amazon.com for this CD, and sure enough, there was your review from December 16, 2013. Interesting that BingCrosby.com would choose to copy a portion of a fan's review and paste it on their website (without editing, I might add) as part of the product description.

You are right about some of those prices. Crazy! $60 for the Bing in Dixieland CD!

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