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Join Bing and Sing Along

[size=62][size=150]Just got back from a weekend visiting my wife's family and while up there my brother in-law came across, and then gifted me a copy of Join Bing & Sing Along!

I have to admit, I don't understand why these types of albums were popular they seem pretty hokey to me and I mourn the quality projects that could have been done instead. 

But they WERE popular so I get why Bing threw his hat in the ring and I've gone out and purchased them all on CD or MP3 download (in the case of this particular album) and am quite happy to have the vinyl to add to my collection. It's in great shape too and still has the lyric sheets! He picked it up for fifty cents!



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Re: Join Bing and Sing Along

Those were the days of the very popular "Sing Along With Mitch" (Miller) TV series, I can still remember as a little kid watching Sing Along With Mitch with my Dad, he loved it.   Here's a funny thing, I recently (the past year) started watching some episodes of this show and I am sorry to say (mostly sorry for myself) that I can NOT sing along with Mitch and his gang.  The key these guys sing in is impossible to harmonize with, at least for me.   Now I have absolutely no problem singing the VERY SAME songs when I sing along with Bing as he sings these same songs.   I sing with ease with Bing but with Mitch, it really is impossible for me and my golden voice.


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Re: Join Bing and Sing Along

Archiefit, I don't know if I've ever really listened to Mitch Miller to compare, all just a bit before my time BUT I have listened to all of Bing's "Sing Alongs" and find the first one to be maybe the corniest but that the remaining are all pleasantly listenable with "On the Sentimental Side" to be the best of the bunch. 

However, even at their best, they make you long that Bing had invested his time and talents on something just a bit more deserving of them. 

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Re: Join Bing and Sing Along

Mitch Miller basically ruined popular music in the early 1950s when he has head of Columbia. All he would have the talent record is novelty songs. Sometimes they made money, and sometimes they were just horrible.

My Grandfather loved the Mitch Miller show, and anytime I see LPs at the thrift store or someplace there is always a Mitch Miller album. I like to hear Bing's voice even on these sing a long albums, but Bing doing these were ill advised and it did nothing for Bing as an artist. 


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