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Non Christmassy seasonal songs

I have occasional contacts with local and hospital radio services.

A week / ten days ago one contacted me. They thought that come a day or so after Christmas their listeners would have had enough of Christmas songs but thought it appropriate that they should have "Mr Christmas" singing something seasonal that was not specifically Christmas. Was there anything that I could suggest?

I offered -
Winter Wonderland, 
Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow,
Frosty The Snowman,
Sleigh Bell Serenade,
Looks Like A Cold, Cold Winter,
The First Snowfall,
Little Jack Frost Get Lost,
A Marshmallow World

Seems they will be using Looks Like A Cold, Cold Winter as appropriate to the cold spell we have just had here in England (though forecasters predict a warmer spell). It will be mixed in with a number of other wintry items ranging from classical (Vivaldi) to modern pops.

Comment made "Bing really did sing about everything." 


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Re: Non Christmassy seasonal songs

All great selections, Richard! http://cdn.boardhost.com/emoticons/happy.png
 I would add. perhaps, "June in January" and "Button Up Your Overcoat." Those are two that come to mind and that Bing has sung...

And how about "Out in the Cold Again"?



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