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Here's Bing Crosby!

Is this new CD set from JSP going to be sold to ICC members at a special price? I wanted to get a copy but wanted to wait to support ICC if it is. I didn't see any order forms in the latest magazine.


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Re: Here's Bing Crosby!

I have exactly the same question, Lobosco, because in his section "Keeping Track," Richard says that ICC members may order it at a special price by using the order form enclosed with the latest issue of BING, but the only order form I got is the one for 'Good and Rare Vol. 3,' which I already have. I've already written a letter to Wig about this, but any information would be appreciated! http://cdn.boardhost.com/emoticons/happy.png


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Re: Here's Bing Crosby!

I am making enquiries. It was certainly the intention to make the CD available via the ICC, and the UK mailing included an order slip. 




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Re: Here's Bing Crosby!

I have heard from "Wig" Wiggins. 
He says -

I was not able to include a flyer with the Spring magazine for "Here's Bing Crosby" because of illness. I will be sending one out with the Summer issue instead. In the meanwhile, American/Canadian  members who have long known to contact me directly about such things are already receiving their copies from me as soon as they order them. By the way, my price in U.S. dollars is $15.00 (postpaid) for American members and $20.00 (postpaid) for Canadian members.

For those unfamiliar with contact details click here



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Re: Here's Bing Crosby!

Thanks, Richard! I had sent Wig a letter about this, but now I will send him a check. I can't wait to receive that new CD!


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