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Le Bing and Johnny Mercer Songbook Tracklists..

Johnny Mercer Songbook
1. P.S. I Love You
2. I'm An Old Cowhand
3. Too Marvelous for Words
4. You Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby
5. Day In, Day Out
6. I Thought About You
7. Mister Meadowlark (w/ Johnny Mercer)
8. Skylark
9. Blues in the Night
10. That Old Black Magic
11. On the Atchison, Topeka and the Santa Fe
12. Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate the Positive (w/ the Andrews Sisters)
13. Lazy Bones (w/ Louis Armstrong)
14. Autumn Leaves
15. In The Cool Cool Cool of the Evening
16. Jamboree Jones
17. When the World Was Young (Ah, the Apple Trees)
18. Glow Worm
19. Jeepers Creepers
20. And The Angels Sing
21. Something's Gotta Give
22. P.S. I Love You

Le Bing

1. Mademoiselle de Paris
2. Embrasse-Moi Bien
3. Mon Coeur Est Un Violon
4. La Vie En Rose
5. La Seine
6. Au bord de l'eau
7. La Mer
8. Tu Ne Peux Pas Te Figurer
9. Allez Vous En (Bonus Track)
10. Domino (Bonus Track)
11. C'est Si Bon (w/ Jane Morgan)(Bonus Track)
12. Where Is Your Heart (Song from Moulin Rouge)(Bonus Track)
13. I Love Paris (Bonus Track)
14. All My Love (Bolero) Medley (w/ Lindsay Crosby): And He'd Say Ooh-La-La! Wee Wee (Bonus Track)
15. How You Gonna Keep 'em Down on the Farm (After They've Seen Paree)(Bonus Track)
16. Oui Oui, Marie (Bonus Track)
17. Mademoiselle de Paris (English) U.S. DECCA SINGLE (Bonus Track)
18. Embrasse-Moi Bien (Hold Me Close) (English) U.S. DECCA SINGLE (Bonus Track)
19. Embrasse-Moi Bien (French - GE)(Bonus Track)
20. Mon Coeur Est Un Violin (fs, breakdown & take 4)(Bonus Track)
21. Cela M'Est Egal (If It's All The Same To You) (w/ Lindsay Crosby)(Bonus Track)
22. La Seine (English / French version - take 2, breakdown, pickup)(Bonus Track)
23. La Seine (pickup with French chorus)(Bonus Track)
24. La Seine (English / French version - broadcast edit)(Bonus Track)


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Re: Le Bing and Johnny Mercer Songbook Tracklists..

Thanks for the track listings, looks pretty nice.
I had preordered them from Amazon, and they sent email notification that the release date had slipped to Oct 8, which is now coming up soon.

There was an old British (I think) LP on mfp (Music for Pleasure) that I enjoyed called "Mr. Crosby & Mr. Mercer", which compiled a number of Bing's commercial recordings of songs written by (and some performed with) Johnny Mercer. I had hoped for something similar on CD. Here's the LP track list:

Mr. Crosby & Mr. Mercer (mfp LP)
*1. Mr. Gallagher and Mr. Shean (with Mercer)
2. Too Marvellous for Words
3. Blues in the Night
*4. Bob White (with Connee Boswell)
5. You Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby (with Bob Crosby Orch.)
*6. On Behalf of the Visiting Firemen (with Mercer)
7. In the Cool, Cool, Cool of the Evening (with Jane Wyman)
8. Ac-cent-tchu-ate the Positive (with Andrews Sisters)
9. Autumn Leaves
10. (Ah the Apple Trees) When the World was Young
*11. The Waiter and the Porter and the Upstairs Maid (with Mary Martin and Jack Teagarden)

The CD covers all but the four I asterisked above (although some others could be different versions), and adds a lot more, so it looks like I got my wish.


28/9/2013 10:22 am  #3

Re: Le Bing and Johnny Mercer Songbook Tracklists..

Yes, Jim,  Music For Pleasure  MFP 50554 from the 1980s. MFP was a cheap reissue label but it had some very good titles in it's list and was in the EMI stable.

But Johnny Mercer did not always sing Johnny Mercer!   The CD is titled "Bing Sings the Johnny Mercer Songbook" which, if taken literally, would exclude for example "Mr. Gallagher and Mr. Shean" which was an old vaudeville song at best a little reworked by Mercer. 


26/10/2013 12:30 pm  #4

Re: Le Bing and Johnny Mercer Songbook Tracklists..

I can't belive it. Now the 2 cd's are on back order and I have to wait again! I tried a new place to order from and all I do is wait!

Peace and Love! http://cdn.boardhost.com/emoticons/happy.gif

26/10/2013 8:28 pm  #5

Re: Le Bing and Johnny Mercer Songbook Tracklists..

Received my 'Le Bing' and 'Bing/Rosie' Friday. The Mercer one shouldb arrive next week. I ordered from Collector's Choice.
Also ordered and received a CD of Erroll Garner & Lionel Hampton.


04/11/2013 1:13 pm  #6

Re: Le Bing and Johnny Mercer Songbook Tracklists..

The Johnny Mercer Songbook CD is my favourite of all the recent BCE releases. In fact, it's SENSATIONAL! The final version of PS I Love You, from 1953, is worth the investment alone! I'm not sure if I already have it or not, perhaps on an LP from the 1980s, but the sound reproduction is just superb. There's also a fine cornet solo played in the bridge which, I'm guessing, is by Red Nichols...

If you don't already have this CD, you are missing out on some true 'Best of Bing' sounds!


18/11/2013 2:26 pm  #7

Re: Le Bing and Johnny Mercer Songbook Tracklists..

"The Second Disc", a site reviewing CD issues, have covered Le Bing and the Johhny Mercer Songbook issues here 

complete with a comment from a "Kevin" - ??



19/11/2013 12:27 am  #8

Re: Le Bing and Johnny Mercer Songbook Tracklists..

A very well-written, informative review of both albums indeed! It seems clear that the reviewer knows what he is talking about and does appreciate Bing's music. Well done, and thanks, Richard, for keeping us informed about articles like this!


19/11/2013 12:31 am  #9

Re: Le Bing and Johnny Mercer Songbook Tracklists..

Oh, and this may be just a wild guess, but that Kevin might well be a Kevin J. Roberts who wrote a review of Le Bing on the U.S. Amazon website. You may read it here:



24/1/2014 5:13 pm  #10

Re: Le Bing and Johnny Mercer Songbook Tracklists..

I wish the review had gone into as much background about and response to "Le Bing" as it did about the Mercer volume.  I love the "Le Bing" cd.  The review does have me considering getting the Mercer cd, too, however, mainly for the unreleased tracks since I think I have most of the rest already on cd or vinyl.


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