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Bing Crosby USPS Stamp

Hi everyone,

Several years ago, the USPS circulated a 29-cent Bing Crosby stamp. I would very much like to have one, but I have contacted many post offices around, and understandably, they don't have it anymore. If anyone has a spare Bing Crosby stamp and is willing to part with it, I would be most grateful if they could send me a private message, and we could go from there.



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Re: Bing Crosby USPS Stamp

Hi everyone,

On second thought, and after an e-mail from Richard, I guess I am not in the market for the Bing Crosby stamp anymore. It seems that it was actually one in a series devoted to popular singers back in 1994, including, besides Bing, Al Jolson, Nat King Cole, Ethel Merman, and Ethel Waters. I have found some sheets of these at a very nice price on Amazon and have ordered one.

Thanks, Richard, for your very kind help with this!

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