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Hi, I'm a new member having stumbled across the site very recently. Hopefully glad to be a part of it as I was feeling a bit isolated in my search for certain Bing recordings.

Not sure what level of Bing experts are on board here, but as an opening contribution, I hope you are all aware of this web site below which contains quite a lot of Bings Radio shows over the years. I found a recording of Bing and James Stewart (another hero of mine!!) "singing" Baby Its Cold Outside (hilarious) and went on a search for more....and came up with this and listen to it a lot.


Well enjoy and hope to be a regular from here on........


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Re: Hello!!!

Welcome, Kevin,

Yes, James Stewart was quite a riot when he appeared in the various Crosby shows, usually as a poor innocent - before his wedding - looking after baby, even going to buy General Electric goods at one point, with Bing offering mature guidance.



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Re: Hello!!!


Like Bing, Jimmy Stewart has always been another hero of mine, too, ever since I first saw It's a Wonderful Life many years ago. In my opinion, Stewart always had a natural talent for comedy, even when he was tackling dramatic roles. I have heard some of those radio appearances with Bing, and I do agree that he is hilarious on them, as he was also on some TV appearances he made on the Jack Benny and Dean Martin shows.

I wish more of these radio shows by Bing were available on CD, although it is true that many of them can be streamed online, usually with good sound quality. I really can't wait to hear that new Sepia/ICC release of songs taken from Bing's Kraft Music Hall series. It's called Bing in the Hall and, as Lobosco noted in a different post here, is about to be issued...


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Re: Hello!!!

One of my favorite Stewart-Crosby movie moments is when the character George, in "It's a Wonderful Life," having gotten his life back, is running exhuberantly back into Bedford Falls.  As he runs past the movie house, wishing it a Merry Christmas, we see that "Bells of St. Mary's" with Bing Crosby and Ingrid Bergman is playing there at the time!  Interestingly, "Bells of St. Mary's" would seem to have a lesson in it for how misers like Potter ought to be spending their money in their communities.


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Re: Hello!!!


I've seen It's a Wonderful Life countless times but had never noticed what you say about The Bells of St. Mary's playing at the local theater in Bedford Falls. Knowing how meticulous Frank Capra was in the planning of that great movie, I have no doubt that he did this on purpose, because, as you say, the Crosby movie does have a lesson in it from which misers like Potter could profit. This little detail increases even more my admiration for the great Frank Capra!


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