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Pete Cakanic

Hello Friends,

Back in the old days I used to be close friends with a Pete Cakanic. I believe he lived in Augusta, South Carolina. He would be in his early 90s. Does anyone know what became of him?

He was a prolific Bing collector and used to be involved in the American Club Crosby.


06/5/2024 1:29 am  #2

Re: Pete Cakanic

David, I traded with him a few times years back. If you find out anything let me know. I know others I knew have died a few years ago, Helen Hilton and Carmel Gallagos.


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Re: Pete Cakanic

Yeah I used to exchange cassettes with Pete back in the day. Pete is in his 90s now, but if I find out how he is I'll let everyone know.

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