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Mystery photo

There's a photo on eBay today which puzzles me. What was the occasion and who are all the other people? I can see Phil Harris at the back.

See Tommy Terry - rare signed photograph. Autograph.Kathy Kirby,Bing Crosby,Ken Dodd | eBay


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Re: Mystery photo

That is a mystery... One thing's certain - Bing doesn't exactly look overjoyed to be there! Given Doddy's dressing-gown, I wonder if it could have been taken in his dressing-room after one of his shows? What on earth Bing was doing there, though, is anybody's guess. Apart from Phil Harris and Rosemary Squires I don't recognise any of the other people in the photograph. Anybody know who Tommy Terry is..?


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Re: Mystery photo

Many thanks Jeremy, It could be June 1965 and I'll continue my research.

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Re: Mystery photo

Don´t know, if I correct?
Should I be right, Tommy Terry (1924- 2019) was the bassist and one of the singers of "The Goofers"- acrobatic comedians. The musicians were in early times part of Louis Prima. Since about 1953 to 1960 The Goofers make their own way, recorded some titles, were guest on a lot of TV-shows and other appearences with such stars as Woody Hermann, Judy Garland, The Mills Brothers and Phil Harris (Toast of Town, Jackie Gleason Show, Perry Como Show, a.o.). Look at www.thegoofers.com .On this side are a collection of photos from the fifties.
Perhaps these informations will help.


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Re: Mystery photo

Rosemary Squires (Born 1928) was a British bandsinger (Ted Heath a.o.). She worked together with Johnny Carson, Danny Kaye and Sammy Davis Jr.. She have appearences before the British Royals (for example the 30th birthday of Prince Harry).
Ken Dodd (1927- 2018) was a British singer, actor (e. g. Hamlet by Kenneth Branagh, Dr. Who) and magician, have an appearance on London Palladium in 1990. Ken Dodd is the only one on the photo, who is wearing a bathrobe.

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Re: Mystery photo

Thanks, Dieter. Comparing the photos on 'The Goofers' web-site with the 'mystery' photo, it would appear that Tommy Terry is the chap standing with Phil Harris's hand on his shoulder. Ken Dodd's show, 'Doddy's Here Again' played the London Palladium in 1965. On the bill with Doddy were The Goofers and Rosemary Squires! Bing was in London for a few days in late June '65...


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Re: Mystery photo

We have now discovered that "Doddy's Here Again" opened at the Palladium on June 2, 1967. Bing was in London for a few days in June 1967.

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Re: Mystery photo

Apologies for getting the year wrong in my last post…
I suppose the other chaps in the photo could be the other members of ‘The Goofers’.


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Re: Mystery photo

The man on the right side of Bing must be the Austrian Karl Carsony, who was a famous acrobat with his twin brothers (both commit suicide in 1964). There exist at least one other photo made on this meeting. You can look at it on a YouTube video, search: Karl Carsony 2004 W.A.S. Legend (Professional Acrobatics). This photo shows only Bing, Carsony, Harris and Dodd. Doddy´s Here Again programm started on June 2, 1967 with Karl Carsony, The Goofers (direct from Las Vegas), Rosemary Squires, The Fabulous Bluebell Girls.
At the moment is an exhibition on National Museums Liverpool about Ken Dodd (until March 3, 2024).
Search on Google: RIP: Ken Dodd 90 facts about the legendary comedian (www.chortle.co.uk).
Fact 37: He also holds the record largest comedy season at the London Palladium- with a  mammoth 42 weeks
Fact 38. At the time he hold jokes to Bob Hope and sang songs to Bing Crosby, who where in the audience.
There seems to be no more connections between Ken and Bing?
On YouTube you can find a docu "The Carsony Brothers E.V.".  with all the great stars and entertainer from Jerry Louis, Dean Martin, Liberace to Sammy Davis. The Bing Crosby photo was also showed  (39.25) and old Tom Terry was interviewed (45.20). The single Karl Carsony was three years member of The Goofers.

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