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Feels Good Feels Right... Feels overpriced!

Forum friends, quick "easy" question. How much is Feels Good Feels Right worth? I have been shopping around for it for a while and it always seems to command $40 on the side to about $70 on the high side.

I know the album has fans but is it worth spending so much for a copy on CD?

I hate to buy one and then have a rerelease come out for $12.99 or something!



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Re: Feels Good Feels Right... Feels overpriced!

I doubt there can be a definitive and unqualified answer to your question though without doubt some of the higher prices quoted are opportunistic kite flying.  Ranges quoted are always wide.

Two are currently on offer on Amazon UK at 133 GBP (new) which in my mind is grossly excessive.
On the other hand a used copy is on UK eBay at a start price of 13:87 GBP, which I would say is a bargain even after taking shipping into account. 
US prices look to be less extreme at both ends.
The songs on it are good.
There is always the possibility of a reissue and Vocalion had one in 2004.




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Re: Feels Good Feels Right... Feels overpriced!

I agree Richard! And fully realized that answer to value would be personal opinion.

Sadly, this an album that I usually here good things about but it seems to command way too much money.

I guess I wondered if those who have it would spend that much to get again.

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Re: Feels Good Feels Right... Feels overpriced!

I bought the Vocalion re-issue when it first came out and acquired the original London CD release a few years ago via ebay. I think I paid about £20...

I agree with Richard that some of the prices quoted on Amazon for various releases are completely opportunistic and I can only assume that the vendors are relying on the possibility that there might just be someone out there with more money than sense! I suppose occasionally they might just be right..!


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Re: Feels Good Feels Right... Feels overpriced!

I'll say one thing for you Ron, you sure know how to pick 'em.   I mean that, these CDs you're mentioning the Feels Good... and the Bing Rose New Recordings and 10th Anniv. are my all time favorite Bing recordings.   Feels Good...in my opinion is the best of Bing's '70's recordings, I especially like his "Nevertheless" & "Rose In Her Hair" they are simply the best versions I've ever heard, the great orchestra backing him in these is perfect.   I originally bought "Feels Good..." in a used record store in the late '70's and then recorded onto tape to listen to in the car then about 15 years ago or sometime back I bought the CD.  It sounds perfect.   When it comes to buying it all depends on how much you want what it is you're considering.  If I really want something I'll pay top dollar if it's something that's just "ehh, I'd like it but I can wait" then I'll wait.  In the case of all the Bing things mentioned above they are worth top dollar, you'll wear out your CD player with these. 


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Re: Feels Good Feels Right... Feels overpriced!

Well this post certainly delivered some great feedback and an even better lead! I actually purchased the the copy that Richard linked to and it arrived just yesterday! 

I've only been able to listen to it through one (playing a few tracks more than once) and have to say  I'm very impressed with it! I'll need a few more listens to be sure but I'm glad to have been able to get a hold of a copy (Thanks Richard!). 

In the end, with shipping this cost me just under $25 U.S. which I'm very comfortable with. 

Even after a single listen I'm willing to say it's a great CD and well worth owning, but I don't think I would have wanted to pay $40-$70 for it!

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Re: Feels Good Feels Right... Feels overpriced!

Feels Good... is a lovely album that is well worth owning both on CD and vinyl if the price is right, which seems to be the case with the copy you purchased. Feels Good... and Seasons are, without a doubt, my two favorite albums by Bing in the 1970s!


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Re: Feels Good Feels Right... Feels overpriced!

It's always amazed me how some people can claim "I've wanted such and such all my life" or "I've waited to get so and so for years" then when they find out it's not free suddenly their life long desires disappear.  Bing fans especially seem to be extra cheap.  Even when something is highly recommended, unless it's next to nothing, they'll go without.  I found this to be true long ago and never quite understood this thinking.  Compared to these people I'm Diamond Jim.

Now today I decided to listen to Bing's UA album cuts again from the multiple CD set that came out a while back.  The first thing that occurred to me was how inferior the song choice for Bing was AND how inferior Bing's voice sounded on many of the cuts.  Compared with the "Feel Good Feels Right" release where every song you find Bing voice in top form and the song choice perfect.  Even the orchestra (on Feels Good...) backing him up with their timing the way they come in when Bing pauses then go out again and come back, it's superb.  A real big band feel in wonderful stereo sound.  But on the UA cuts the orchestra was just there, it was efficient but certainly lacked anything in the neighborhood of style or feel.  Complete opposite to the orch. backing on the Feels Good lp/CD. 

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Re: Feels Good Feels Right... Feels overpriced!

LOL, I think I've been called cheap!!

Okay there is truth to that I am a bit frugal and I don't want to spend money wastefully (thought I too often do just that!) But, there is a reality that I can't just spend money on something because I want to. Bills need to be paid, things maintained, other interests competing for my hard earned dollars. (I hope I don't sound defensive because I'm not but I think I can't be the only one who has to watch where they spend their money.)

Also I would say over the last few years I have bought or acquired a LOT of Bing Crosby! At some point you have to sort of level out! I have some CD's I haven't listened to yet! Others that are lucky if they've gotten a spin!

But also $40 dollars is a lot to spend on ONE album! For the same money I could buy several other albums. And while there has been some positive mentions here, I've also read others that have found this album to be less than Bing's best! (Thankfully I am more in line with your thoughts on this album and so far would say that Bing's 70's output is amongst MY favorites of his work.)

I hope that Bing fans aren't too thrifty because obviously more new releases depend on there being a market for them and there are several things that I've bought that I did to be supportive of those new releases more than because they were the "next" thing I thought I should get. 


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Re: Feels Good Feels Right... Feels overpriced!

Well, I will admit to thinking LONG and hard before I finally bought the Mosaic set, over $125 was a bit much to me, but after years of putting it off I finally took the leap. I was not a big fan of the Buddy Cole accompaniments but like your previous post talked about, over time I had heard these so much when listening to Bing's late '50's and early '60's radio shows it grew on me.   I actually like the Cole recordings now, BUT I still like the orchestra added versions much better, esp. the "New Recordings" CD. 


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Re: Feels Good Feels Right... Feels overpriced!

By the way, now for you Ron, is the fun time, searching for and finding and buying these things for the first time.  The fun in collecting is the searching and finding.  You're doing that now, so have fun


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