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I'm Dreaming of an Asbestos Christmas...

This is an interesting article on how asbestos was used as snow in some favorite classic films.




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Re: I'm Dreaming of an Asbestos Christmas...

Gee, that's an interesting article. Asbestos was widely used in the building industry in Australia and many homes were insulated with asbestos. How things have changed.


23/3/2023 1:43 am  #3

Re: I'm Dreaming of an Asbestos Christmas...

That’s an interesting, though disturbing article.
Who could have imagined the consequences of asbestos when those movies, including ‘Holiday Inn’ and ‘White Christmas’, were being made?
Describing the use of asbestos in snow scenes, the article concludes, “for Bing Crosby, though, there was no evidence that he was affected by the asbestos snowfall even after being exposed to the substance on numerous different occasions in multiple different films.” 
Bing, however, did have some respiratory issues. Older fans may recall that, back in the early ‘70s, he suffered a lung ailment. Initially diagnosed as pneumonia, it failed to respond to treatment. Cancer was feared, and almost half of his left lung was subsequently removed. It was reported at the time that he’d picked up a rare fungal infection while on safari in Africa.


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Re: I'm Dreaming of an Asbestos Christmas...

My post was eliminated. I was only trying to explain meso. But I understand.


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