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1946's Blue Skies

I recently dug out my recording of "Blue Skies". Bing turned this more upbeat song into a beautiful ballad. My source I heard was from my first Bing Crosby CD - "Bing Sings Again" on the MCA label. It came out in 1986. Now 37 years later it still sounds amazing. The engineer is Steve Hoffman, who has done some beautiful restoration for the years. It's an amazing recording from an amazing CD...



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Re: 1946's Blue Skies

Beautiful! So smooth and peaceful!


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Re: 1946's Blue Skies

Blonde56 wrote:

Beautiful! So smooth and peaceful!

Bing sounded so perfect in 1946.

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Re: 1946's Blue Skies

I agree. Bing's 1946 Decca recording revival of the 1920s classic, more so re-defined it with (his) own style. While intending to promote his contemporary film of the same name, it's this Decca recording that lingers. 


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