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Crosby Memorabilia in Auction

Reeman Dansie, auctioneers based in Colchester, England have an auction coming up on 5 December


Their description reads

LOT NO. 730
A comprehensive and personal collection of Bing Crosby memorabilia, compiled by Stanley Cooper who had an extremely successful career in music in London. As well as singing many solo parts on the stage or the Royal Opera House, he also attended many important concerts and functions. Stanley Cooper's idle was Bing Crosby, this reflected Stanley's love of crooning. Apart from many Bing Crosby autographed items in this collection, there is also one of Bing Crosby's hats and the letter opener from Bing's desk, lots have letters of provenance. The collection also consists of personal letters of thanks and general correspondence between Stanley Cooper and Bing Crosby (x13), Road to Hong Kong 1961 - shooting schedule, quantity of photographs signed and unsigned (one featuring Bob Hope), signed copy of ‘White Christmas’, sheet music, quantity of Christmas cards plus a number of letters to Stanley from Alan Fisher (Mrs Crosby’s Butler).
This lot numbered 730 will come up to auction in the afternoon on the 5th of December and will be available over our on-line bidding service, enabling us to reach a truly international audience.

Thanks to Malcolm for drawing attention to this. Malcolm also reminds us that older members of the ICC will remember Stanley Cooper. 

I hope they had intended to say idol, not idle!


01/12/2011 6:49 pm  #2

Re: Crosby Memorabilia in Auction

I think Stan's IDOL was Bing but Bing gave the impression of being idle!


06/12/2011 2:38 pm  #3

Re: Crosby Memorabilia in Auction

Did anyone on the board pick up some treasures at this auction?


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