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Hi everyone...

Dear gentle folk of ‘Crosby Fan World’, or maybe I should say hats and cats… 
I’m Rod Poynter, a Bing fan and ICC member from Australia. 
Over the years, I’ve visited the site, and think it’s time I joined in. 
I “discovered” Bing in 1967, when I was aged thirteen. Like most of my generation, I thought he was a boring old man from a bygone era. I even remember thinking, “how did that old bloke ever become famous?” 
Mum had instilled in me a love of old movies. Then, one day, my grandfather asked whether I’d like to look through a box of 78s he was throwing out.  Among them, were four Bings, which I took home…simply because Bing was still alive, and I’d heard of him.
I was stunned when I played the first - ‘Please’. The vitality of Bing’s young voice virtually jumped from the grooves and grabbed me by the throat. I realised immediately why “that old bloke” had become famous.
I became a Bing fan from that moment, looking for more 78s in opportunity shops, and soon purchased the original CBS ‘Bing in Hollywood 1930-34’ double LP with my paper round earnings.
It’s been an enjoyable hobby over the years. And, if we all keep up the good work, hopefully, every now and again another young listener will “discover” Bing!


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Re: Hi everyone...

Thanks for the welcome, Archiefit. I’ve followed your comments, and listened to ‘Sounds Like Radio’ over the years.
Like you, I also fondly recall the days of record collecting - including 78s - and exciting finds. Sure, we can now easily see and hear just about anything on youtube, but nothing quite beats the thrill of finding a much sought-after record rarity in a junk shop!

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