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Charlie Barnet - I'm An Old Cowhand

I was transferring from records to CD, and I dug up some early Charlie Barnet. Barnet had a nice sounding band in the 1930s and 1940s. This is his version of "I'm An Old Cowhand". The band is great, but the vocalist on this record, Joe Hostle, is no Bing Crosby!



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Re: Charlie Barnet - I'm An Old Cowhand

Archiefit wrote:

Yes, I've always thought Charlie Barnett had a real swinging big band.  By the way, do you have a CD recorder or do you transfer using the computer?   My CD recorder will no longer turn on.  I get the feeling if I could find someone to fix the on/off switch I'd be transferring to CD again.   Where are the fix-it shops of yesteryear?  Today I can only find fix it places that will only fix cell phones.  Wowzers, I don't even own a cell phone.

I have both. I have a sony CD burner that I got way back in 2002. For the most part it is quicker to just use my computer these days to burn CDs.

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Re: Charlie Barnet - I'm An Old Cowhand

'I'm an old cowhand' was presented well in Rhythm on the Range, wasn't it. I've not heard many Charlie Barnet records so it was good to hear that one. I would guess that he was not well-known in Australia.


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