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On The Downbeat

I hardly dare draw attention to the latest abomination. - 'Mister Crosby and Mister Mercer' re - edited and overlaid with 200 decibels of electronic thumping. Example here -


And they have produced a whole CD of this murderous muck, http://itunes.apple.com/dk/album/electro-swing-republic/id416542385 fortunately not featuring Bing on the other tracks.

Why 'murderous'? - because that's the state of my mind towards 'Electro Swing Republic' after hearing this rubbish. Some actually like it!  And in what way is it clever?


This was drawn to my attention by a correspondent who suggested I might want to include a listing of the CD in my discography. This is my response -
'Thank you for drawing my attention to this. I'm afraid I regard it as a bit of an abomination and both Johnny Mercer and Bing Crosby must be spinning in their graves.

It is in no way representative of their work and has no place in my discography. It isn't even clever. The electronic beat could be overlain by anyone with a modicum of technical knowledge (but no musical sense), overwhelms everything and completely destroys the intention of the original. If these people want to create music they should go and buy instruments, learn to play them properly and develop a sense of melody to add to their over-developed sense of rhythm.

Richard Baker

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