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The great Angela Lansbury has passed away. Although they never worked together, she did pose for a picture with Bing when she visited Paramount in January of 1949.

She was so talented...



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The death of Angela Lansbury received great coverage in Australian media. One of our TV networks is still showing daily episodes of Murder, She Wrote. I didn't realise that she had such a successful career as singer. I first saw her in my youth on the big screen in The Picture of Dorian Gray as she sang 'Goodbye little yellow bird' (which I watched on YouTube several days ago).


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Yes, it was fairly well noted in Britain. I believe if we weren't currently having such intensive social and political upheavals, this wonderful performer's recent demise would have been given more media prominence. My first memory is such a fond one, at the cinema in 1970's and seeing her starring role in Disney's "Bedknobs and Broomsticks", bobbing along at the bottom of the beautiful briny sea with the equally charming David Tomlinson. 

For anyone interested, there's a link below to a very admiring but also insightful  interview she gave on BBC radio in 2016. It was recently repeated in tribute and despite the programme's banner, the interviewer is another dame of the theatre and screen, actress and writer Emma Thompson.


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