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October 14, 1977 - 45 Years Later

Today marks the 45th anniversary of the sad passing of Bing Crosby. I was three years old in 1977, so I did not realize what that day meant to the world. His voice was stilled on October 14, 1977 but his music lives on.

RIP Bing CrosbY!


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Re: October 14, 1977 - 45 Years Later

Oh! I've been so caught up in a crazy Major League Baseball playoff weekend that I missed the exact date but I knew it was coming soon. Indeed, 45 years and I vividly remember ( as most who were alive on that date) how I found out about it and by whom, etc. 

I will remember and pay homage by playing "Seasons" & "The Final Chapter" this evening. 

All the best,
Paul M. Mock

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Re: October 14, 1977 - 45 Years Later

I've just listened to Greg Van Beek's splendid podcast; a wonderful tribute to Bing. My family and I were living in St Louis in 1977 and I recall the shock of the news of Bing's death. It was almost thirty years later (when I was back in Australia) that I learned the amazing coverage our local media gave to that sad day. It was exemplified by Melbourne's evening newspaper devoting almost its entire front page to the story headlined simply 'BING DIES'.


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Re: October 14, 1977 - 45 Years Later

This such a strange one for me, as I was eight years old at the time and have no memory of it at all. I wasn't even aware of who Bing was, which must have had something to do with my parents not being particular fans (they of The Beatles' generation) and I may not have even seen any news that day. I do have prior memories of other famous world figures dying, also then unfamiliar to me (Elvis and Mao to name two).

However, on becoming a fan only four years later, I was at least encouraged to discover the huge media coverage that had taken place under my very nose. I may be wrong but I believe I later heard that here in the UK, some broadcasts may have even been especially interrupted. 

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