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Bing's favourite tipple

Within the last day or two I caught a glimpse of a reference to Bing on one of our free-to-air TV channels in Australia. It showed a young woman sitting in a cocktail lounge sipping what was claimed to be Bing Crosby's favourite drink, a cocktail which was a revolting blue colour of unknown mixture. I wonder if it was a segment on a Bing Crosby restaurant in the USA because there was a shot of a beige-coloured building but I couldn't make out its name. Anyway, reference to Bing in our media is most unusual these days. Incidentally, I don't think the drinker liked the cocktail; she remarked on how strong it was.


14/11/2011 3:27 am  #2

Re: Bing's favourite tipple

Maybe the drink was named after Bing's blue eyes, but Bing himself never heard of it or drank it.


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