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RIP Queen Elizabeth

To the British Crosby fans,  We are sorry for your loss. We share your grief and mourn with you. The Queen had a few things in common with my mom who I lost a few months ago. They got married around the same time, they both had 3 boys and a girl and they died the same year in their 90's. I miss mom and the Queen very much! Keep Calm and Carry On. Carmela


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Re: RIP Queen Elizabeth

I was on guard duty along Missenden Road, Camperdown in Sydney in 1954, or guard of honour with fellow National Service men/boys.
Later I saw her in downtown Sydney, put camera above head and took a photo.
It was a lovely one of a policeman’s pith helmet.
I thought she may make 100 and she didn’t seem all that bad when seeing the new British PM.


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Re: RIP Queen Elizabeth

I believe Bing and Kathryn met the queen and prince Philip when they were in England in the mid 70s. Can anyone confirm?


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Re: RIP Queen Elizabeth

July 1, 1976 Thursday. Bing and family plus Rosemary Clooney are guests of the Duke of Edinburgh at Buckingham Palace. Prince Philip spends an hour talking to Bing at a drinks party in the 1844 Room and the Queen unexpectedly joins the gathering as well.

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Re: RIP Queen Elizabeth

There's also some colour (just silent, think) film footage of them conversing outside Buckingham Palace during this time. I believe the purpose of the meeting was for Philip to thank Bing for donating monies from his UK concerts to The Duke of Edinburgh's Playing Fields Association charity. I've had a look on YouTube but there doesn't currently seem to be anything immediately present.

A few seconds of it are visible towards the end of the late Barry Norman's superb fifty minute 1985 BBC television documentary profile of Bing from his "The Hollywood Greats" series. The footage appears to be professionally shot and has to my eyes the look of perhaps part of a "British Movietone News" reel - or some such. 

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