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Frankie Masters - Meet The Sun Half Way

Bing introduced the song "Meet The Sun Half Way" in the 1940 film If I Had My Way, and Bing had the best version of this song. I do like the version from the band of Frankie Masters though, which was recorded on the Vocalion label on April 19, 1940...


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Re: Frankie Masters - Meet The Sun Half Way

David, this is smashing!
Yes, I entirely agree that Bing's performance is the best but what a lovely, nostalgic sounding toe-tapping Dance-Band sounding arrangement - with such grooving chorus work! I'm not at all familiar with Frankie Masters and his band. Is he also the lead singer the of the excellent sounding, bouncy vocals? 


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Re: Frankie Masters - Meet The Sun Half Way

Thanks David. I liked the arrangement and backing on Frankie Master's record.. Bing's record of the song was released in Australia with 'The Pessimistic Character' (as it was in the USA) but the record sold poorly (by Crosby standards) and neither song made the charts.


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