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Bing’s Short films

Nearly called this topic Bing’s shorts but thought it could be taken as one’s apparels.
Come October I will be visiting Castlemaine in the Victorian countryside.
I will be presenting the six Bing Mack Sennett shorts.
I also hope to present a Bing and Errol Flynn film note remembering that they both died on 14th. October.
The dates for the screenings are 6th. October and 20th. October.
If I can use both dates the 6th. Will be the Sennett shorts.
The 20th. would be Santa Fe Trail and Road to Bali.
If only one date the shorts will be the 20th.
As they say - watch this space.
Castlemaine is not too far from Bendigo where a great great uncle has a statue by the Town Hall - George Lansell. A son George was in the Victorian parliament and was a’Sir’.


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Re: Bing’s Short films

Have just verified that on 20th. October in Castlemaine in Victoria I will be presenting Errol Flynn, Olivia de Havilland, Ronald Reagen, Raymond Massey in SANTA FE TRAIL. Massey plays the part of John Brown. Massey’s brother was Canada’s Governor General in the 1950’s. They were born in Toronto.
Then it will be ROAD TO BALI.
Theatre holds 250 so book early.

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Re: Bing’s Short films

This event didn’t take place because of major flooding throughout NSW, Victoria, Tasmania and even parts of Queensland.
A date has to be set for next year when the waters may finally drain away.

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