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Little Boy Lost Showmanship Manual

Picked up one of these at a garage sale. Have scoured the internet and have no idea what it is or what it is worth. I thought maybe some Bing fans would have an idea or be interested. Just the lack of info found on the internet tells me that it is at least somewhat rare.

Respond in here if you are interested or please post if you have any information on this piece.

Thanks in advance for your time.


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Re: Little Boy Lost Showmanship Manual

Is it a press book? These were issued to local cinemas and newspapers as a film came out and contained sample advertisements and articles.


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Re: Little Boy Lost Showmanship Manual

Yeah it is a press book. Still have no idea the value of it. Thanks for responding.

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Re: Little Boy Lost Showmanship Manual

Australian singer, song-writer, Johnny Ashcroft, wrote a song called "Little Boy Lost'.
It was about a small boy that got lost in the New England Ranges of New South Wales.
When it first came out and before hearing it, I thought it was a song from Bing's film.
The boy was lost for a couple of days and was eventually found.


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Re: Little Boy Lost Showmanship Manual

It is a very interesting movie.  We had a discussion thread about it couple months ago I think it was.


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