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Re: Bing & Judy Garland

Regarding Bing and Judy, from what I read about her 1963 TV series, she wanted stars like Bing Crosby on her show, and CBS bosses wanted guest stars like the Beverly Hillbillies! Judy and Bing made a great pair!


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Re: Bing & Judy Garland

Good grief!!!I think I can understand from a television network perspective the desire to place guest stars (or even whole casts of shows as guests) for commercial gain. But from an artistic perspective, it is of course, wretched. Originally on his first 1958 TV special, to guarantee audience figures, NBC tried to coax Fred Astaire into having latest teen chart sensation of the day, Ricky Nelson as an ill fitting guest. Thankfully that was nixed but when Garland, another great artiste of this calibre was seemingly being requested to act similarly, one does wonder quite who are these television executives?

I have so far seen only around one of Judy's specials and a a compilation of her weekly shows. So  I am aware she had some incredible guest stars (Peggy Lee, Ethel Merman, Tony Bennett, Etc) but I never knew Bing appeared on her series. What did they perform and sing? Being both a Bing (I'm always here to state the obvious) and Judy fan, this is such great news to hear. 

Plus, did that Beverley Hillbillies appearance actually take place and if so, what on earth did they do with Judy as group? Buddy Ebsen granted - but as a whole, can someone put me out of my misery, here? 

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Re: Bing & Judy Garland

Actually BIng didn't appear on Judy's TV series.  I've seen some of her shows and actually have them on DVD, but after all these years I still haven't watched more than 3 of them.  One DVD I have and you may have it too is the TV special Dean Martin, Judy, & Sinatra made together.  Best of all it's colorized and very entertaining.  I got this years ago, but it's still around, on Amazon:


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Re: Bing & Judy Garland

Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that he actually didn't appear. Yes, I have her special with Dino and Frank and it's wonderful. I've seen online copies of the opulent two DVD box sets of these shows that were issued around two decades ago (???), whose odd copies now sell for exorbitant prices, online. I wish they would reissue these, again but I would imagine the musician and image rights clearances for each guest would be a logistically expensive nightmare.

I'm really jealous you have those original original releases. Are they complete editions of the shows and were you impressed with just the three you have seen? Do I remember rightly that they contain a number of "extras", as well? 


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