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Welcome Benclink!

Let's welcome our newest member to the board  - Benclink!



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Re: Welcome Benclink!

Lobosco wrote:

Let's welcome our newest member to the board  - Benclink!


I know we've messaged previously, Ben (and thank you, again for your really useful ideas) but just to extend a welcome on to here. How did you find out about us ... and how and when did you become an admirer of Bing's?

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Re: Welcome Benclink!

Hello All,

Thank you for the official welcome!

I have strayed from the messages boards over the years. I remember Steven Lewis board back in the day and was a member of the ICC. 

I grew up being introduced to Bing's music by my grandparents. Milestone: I remember my Grandparent's talking with my Aunt and Uncle about Bing Crosby passing in October of 1977. I remember this well because I was playing with my tinker toys and listening to them talk of his sudden passing. I also recall watching the last Christmas special on TV with my family.

I really started collecting Bing related items around 1983 or 1984 and continue off and on to this day. I did have the opportunity to go to the golf tournaments the family did at Bermuda Run a couple of times. 

When I worked in radio years ago Andy Williams was promoting a bio at the time and I live in Cincinnati and graduated from the same high school as him. I was able to set up an interview and talk with him from his office in Branson ( Of course it was quick and I was overwhelmed and didn't get a chance to ask him anything about Bing Crosby!)  His secretary said Mr. Williams is ready on the line to take your call....some niceties and then I had to passed it off to the interviewer.

Again thank you for the welcome!

Ben Clinkenbeard


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Re: Welcome Benclink!

Welcome to you Benclink.  I feel like we must have talked sometime before as I used to be on Steven's board too.  Also thanks to your valuable information on the TL business, a long-time mystery solved.   Your history on how you became aware of Bing was interesting.   Everyone's story is unique.  

If you're ever in the mood to hear some old time radio shows, Jean Shepherd shows, detective shows, and of course Bing shows drop in on my Sounds Like Radio podcast.  Each episode I feature classic popular music and a Bing Crosby song along with an episode of Great Gildersleeve.  All other shows featured there are a variety of classic old time radio programs.   It's here:  https://anchor.fm/your-humble-host
Welcome and we look forward to seeing your future posts.



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Re: Welcome Benclink!

This is a belated welcome from Down Under, a place which Bing didn't visit although apparently that was planned for late 1977. I wonder if you've visited Australia. I live in Bathurst, a small inland city about 220 miles west of Sydney. I was interested to see that you worked in radio. Each week a present a nostalgic music  program on our local community radio station 2MCE-FM and, needless to say, always include a couple Crosby selections.


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