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Judy Garland - My Heart Is Taking Lessons

I am celebrating Judy Garland on what would have been her 100th birthday, and I dug out this radio remote she did of Bing's "My Heart Is Taking Lessons". Judy recorded this on April 21, 1938...



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Re: Judy Garland - My Heart Is Taking Lessons

Oh this is lovely. There is so much to hear with this. Judy even before her sixteenth birthday, sounding so young, innocent and joyful. Yet there is such maturity and sophistication in her  delivery.  A professional singer, music tutor or some such would be able to explain more fully what made this almost still child shine with such seeming assurance and vocal skill. Her inflections, pauses and flourishes never cease to amaze me from across any of her four decades of recorded performance. 

Is it just me but the one big similarity I always gather (albeit an idealistic one) during and after having listened to either Judy or Bing sing, is that I wish I had met them. Now I understand this commonsensically is nonsense. But emotionally, as both sing so intimately and with such warmth and friendliness, I am immediately drawn in to both their conveyed worlds.

Judy even when singing makes me feel so protective towards her that I am rooting for her all the way. However, I very much doubt this would be so if I knew nothing of her life. These early recordings are treasures of an already emerged teenage talent who managed to pack more artistic greatness into her all too short forty-seven years than many who were granted far longer. 

My goodness me, was she special!  


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