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Crosby imitation in film...

Something kind of interesting-A recent showing of the  ( pre-code) 1932 film on TV  "Bird Of Paradise',found the beutiful Dolores del Rio truly dominating the film,A VERY  short, but interesting rendering  of Bings  ' Where The Blue Of The Night;, from an actor I have identiied as Bert Roach ( although it could be Skeets Gallagher-who actually appeared in a real  Crosby film) .A bit later in the film, Joel McCrea hums short  a bit of "Where The Blue Of The Night" as well.It's no great thing, but adds to the fun of the movie,when Dolores is not seen! It is also a good look  of just how popular Bing was  with his (then) 1932  contemporaries .

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Re: Crosby imitation in film...

In this spirit, wasn't Bing already showing up in animated cartoon form - or was that perhaps a little later?
It's marvellous to hear of these vintage gems still popping up on television as black & white moving images are ever increasingly marginalised. Thank you Colin.  I must try and hunt down "Bird of Paradise".
A quick "Google" has just prevented me from mixing up my Mexicans and wrongly referring to Dolores Del Rio  as "The Mexican Spitfire" - when it was in fact Lupe Velez.



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