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Hal Kemp - Love In Bloom

Bing introduced Love In Bloom in 1934's "She Loves Me Not", but Jack Benny claimed the song, made it his own, and destroyed it.  

Here is a cover version by Hal Kemp & His Orchestra, from July 10, 1934 with a vocal by Skinnay Ennis...



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Re: Hal Kemp - Love In Bloom

'Love in Bloom' is a beaut song but the Kemp/Ennis version doesn't do it justice compared with Bing's version which was sung with feeling. I don't believe i've heard other recordings by Ennis and i know nothing of his career.


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Re: Hal Kemp - Love In Bloom

My favorite version is actually the humorous version Bing did with Spike Jones on his radio show in the 1940s.

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Re: Hal Kemp - Love In Bloom

Until seeing on YouTube Joe Franklin interview Bing, I had no idea he had recorded Jack Benny's famous theme tune "Love in Bloom". I really enjoyed this lovely, wistful Kemp/Ennis recording. It's a beautiful song that can easily can stand alone from being a theme tune (as with Bob Hope's "Thanks for the Memory"). All I need to do now,  is hunt down Bing's version!


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