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Bing and country music

Each week I listen to Greg Van Beek's podcast Nostalgia Radio Time. He always includes a Crosby recording. His 23 April program featured an interview with Michael Feinstein about his new album Gershwin Country in which he sings duets with contemporary country artists. Although I'm not a country music fan, it was fascinating and Bing's role in popularising country music was, of course, referred to.


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Re: Bing and country music

Graham. Thanks for the recommendation.

I've yet to hear this particular episode but I have just finished listening to Greg's Carol Burnett/Bing special.
It was so enjoyable and interesting to hear Ms Burnett chat to Greg in such a relaxed, charming and enthusiastic manner about her admiration for Bing and also, central to the conversation, her warm memories of performing with him and the workings of her show.


It was particularly gratifying to hear the profusion of audio excerpts and Carol's duets with our man. These beautifully illustrated the interview. I must confess due to copyright laws often being so stringent, I was pleasantly surprised by their inclusion. Perhaps much of this was due to the direct involvement of Carol Burnett. I particularly enjoyed Bing's funky rendition of "Love Thy Neighbour".

A lovely, warm way to spend an hour.
Has anyone else heard this particular episode? 

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