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1928's I'll Get By

I recently heard Bing's 1928 recording of "I'll Get By" on the radio, and it has been years since I heard it. Bing was a young man of 25, and although he was just billed as "vocal chorus" behind Sam Lanin's Troubadours, you could see that Bing had "it". It's a great Columbia recording from December 28, 1928...



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Re: 1928's I'll Get By

Oh David, this is fabulous! What a wonderfully joyous arrangement and incredibly preserved/restored sound. It has such a wonderful "bounce" (oh, I'm such a musicologist!) to it and freshness, despite it being (yikes!) the best part of nearly a hundred years old. Bing's twenty five year old "Vocal Refrain" is of course flawless.

May I ask, is there a particular "Bing" CD this has been sourced from? I note those in the online Discography but just wondered if there's one available, featuring this particular recording and specific re- mastering?

Finally, I appreciate as previously stated, you don't always notice your Private Messages on here and I've sent you one to this effect (5/5/2022  9.34pm). I know you've been more than busy but once you let me know if your DVD players spin or prefer either DVD-R discs or DVD+R discs (the "plus" ones are not as versatile but in my experience they tend to play smoother), I'll then get my promised list of "extras" to you. No rush from this end - I just don't want you to to think I'm reneging on my previous "Fred" promise.

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Re: 1928's I'll Get By

Oh yes! I'd completely forgotten about that version. It's wonderful!
I'm just going through a rare early Bing phase at the moment (for the first time in many years) and I'm just so curious about the whereabouts of this older version's wonderful re-mastering (or restoration, I'm never sure which). 


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Re: 1928's I'll Get By

I kind of like Bing's 1928 version for what it was in 1928. It had a great sound for the time, but I do like Bing's 1944 radio version as more of a ballad.

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