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Bing on BBC Radio 3

Hello there
I hope everyone is having a jolly festive season.

Bing had a couple of brief outings from an unlikely source on Christmas morning - the BBC's classical music radio station, Radio 3. Towards the end of her breakfast show I was surprised and delighted to hear presenter Elizabeth Alker say that, '...Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without the clear-as-a-bell voice of Bing Crosby...' I have to admit my delight turned to slight disappointment when she played what I'm afraid I have always considered to be rather a dreary track - Where My Caravan Has Rested - with legendary violinist Jascha Heifetz. (Another of my musical idols...) The Crosby connection continued as the programme ended with Heifetz' 1946 solo version of White Christmas, which, although obviously a purely instrumental track, is interesting in that it includes the verse.

Later that morning, presenter Petroc Trelawney had up-and-coming young jazz singer Ella Hohnen-Ford as a guest on his programme.. She sang I'll Be Home For Christmas, but in introducing the song, Petroc said that it had originally been recorded by Bing in 1943 as a morale-booster for the troops and he went on to read a quote from the GI magazine Yank which stated that Bing had done, '...more for military morale than anyone else of that era with this song.'



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Re: Bing on BBC Radio 3

Hi Jeremy,
As you probably know, there isn't many good radio stations here in the stats. However, during Christmas I made a little list of the Christmas recordings I did hear by Bing:

White Christmas (1942 and 1947 versions)
I'll Be Home For Christmas
Do You Hear What I Hear
I Wish You A Merry Christmas
Twelve Days of Christmas with The Andrew Sisters
Let It Snow
Frosty The Snow Man

I wish they played more of a variety but it was better than nothing.


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Re: Bing on BBC Radio 3

I attached to emails Bing’s - The Secret of Christmas - which is my favourite non religious Christmas song. The words are so true.
Hope 2022 will be better for all and sundry.


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Re: Bing on BBC Radio 3

Another Crosby track on Radio 3...

On the breakfast show yesterday, Hannah French played Bing and The Andrews Sisters singing Don't Fence Me In. Nothing particularly strange in that, you might think, but as I mentioned in an earlier post, Radio 3 is the BBC's classical music station and Bing and the gals were sandwiched between a late 17th-century Austro-Hungarian choral motet and a piece of 18th-century French piano music!

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Re: Bing on BBC Radio 3

Every morning on the BBC Radio 3 show, 'Essential Classics', the presenter plays a piece of music which is designated as a 'playlist starter' and listeners are invited to contact the show to suggest pieces which in some way complement it, which are then played later in the programme. This morning's 'starter' was a piano piece by Cécile Chaminade called 'Pêcheurs de Nuit' (Night Fishermen). I didn't hear the 'starter' so couldn't send in a suggestion, but was very pleased to hear that amongst the various classical pieces with a fish and fishing connections suggested, a lot of people had asked for Bing and Louis singing you-know-what, and it has just been broadcast as part of the playlist! Always good to hear Bing cropping up on the BBC's classical music radio station.

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