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44 Years Ago

It is hard to believe that Bing Crosby has been gone for 44 years. This year I am trying to not remember his death but celebrate his life more. Last night I listened to his great album with Louis Armstrong from 1960, and today I plan to listen some Bing - of course.

Gone 44 years but his music will live on forever!


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Re: 44 Years Ago

Archiefit wrote:

You know I don't even think of the anniversary of the death.   To me it seems like Bing is still around.  When you hear him every single day (maybe an exception here and there but hardly ever) and you hear his singing all his great songs, it seems he's right there singing.   Weird, I guess, but for years I listened to old time radio and most of the people there were dead at the time also but they seemed alive to me.  So I guess I just adjusted to listening to people who have "moved on" and don't think twice about it   But I know a lot of people the first thing out of their mouth is "he's dead" no matter who it is I'm listening too (most everybody is dead now on my musical playlist) but they're not dead to me in my world they're all alive and kickin'.   So the day of a death just doesn't occur to me to think about.   I do know Bing's birthday May 3rd 1903, I believe is the current version, and that anniversary does occur to me when it happens. 

But I've been listening to dead people for decades now so "they're dead" doesn't even enter my thoughts.   I also love classic TV shows of the '50's the '60's and early '70 and most them are dead now too.   But I still enjoy every one of their shows.  But I do sometimes think "boy everybody's dead in this show" but then I wipe it from my brain.   On my podcast I even "talk" to Bing and other singers who are now singing from that big stage in the sky but when I do my shows I imagine they're standing right there with me and talk to them before they start singing.    In my world nobody ever dies.  It's a happy world living here at the funny farm.

Well said again, and I agree. I remember today as when Bing died, but I don't really feel sad today - I use the day to remember Bing and dig out some gems. Bing left us with soooooo much material. I think I own the funny farm next to yours before I think the same way!

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Re: 44 Years Ago

Archiefit, you were talking about how everyone is dead on your playlist. My long suffering wife appreciates my music and listens to it sometimes, but she is a product of her generation (80s & 90s). She has made a comment that I don't like a singer unless they have passed away. While that is not true, with the passage of time it is inevitable!

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