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Chronological Bing Crosby vol. 1-10

For years I thought I had all of the volumes, and I do - but I just realized that my volume 1-10 are burnt copies. Does anyone have duplicates of volume 1-10?



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Re: Chronological Bing Crosby vol. 1-10

Archiefit wrote:

The good thing David is with a CD duplicate of the original there is NO decrease in the quality, a duplicated CD is exactly the same as the original CD in quality.  If it was a tape you copied to another tape there was always some degradation in sound but not with CD duplicating.   So be happy with your duplicates.   I also have CD duplicates of those Chronological CDs, that is until Sepia took over then I'd buy them.  My problem with the original Chronological series it was too difficult to buy the original CDs.   You couldn't just go on Amazon and buy you had to jump a couple hoops first.

My copies from volume 1-10 aren't very good copies. I forget who made them from me - they are from the LP versions and I don't think this person was using a very good needle to make them. I would even love to get better burnt copies of them.

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