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Bing interview from 1971

In 1971 John Gilliland interviewed Bing in depth for his forthcoming Pop Chronicles series. Bing is remarkably open and frank and you can hear the proceedings here.

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Re: Bing interview from 1971

Quite an interesting find!
I do not listen to Bing from 70s very often, but that's nice to listen to him talking about all the things that everyboody want to know at one time. A lot of issues were covered in the interview, so I wonder if there is more interviews like this one.)))
Thanks a lot, Malcolm!


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Re: Bing interview from 1971

That was interesting. Thanks Malcolm.


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Re: Bing interview from 1971

Two things in particular made me wonder. Bing referred to pre-recording songs for his movies, saying that sometimes he'd ad lib some addition to the lyrics when recording and during filming he'd turn his head from the camera while lip-synching the lyrics. Really? The other occurred as he referred to 'competing' singers early in his career when he mentioned 'Osborns', somewhat uncertainly. I wonder to whom he might have been referring.


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Re: Bing interview from 1971

Think Bing was referring to Will Osborne,
SeeĀ Will Osborne (singer) - Wikipedia

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Re: Bing interview from 1971

Thanks Malcolm. I don't think I've heard any of his recordings. I'll look at Youtube and probably find something.


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