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Bing in Hollywood

I just had the opportunity to buy the complete 15 album set of "Bing in Hollywood" or "Bing's Hollywood" from a long time collector.  What can anyone tell me about these albums? Sound quality? Rarity?  Any stories regarding your own purchase?  I have a beautiful Magnavox console that was restored two years ago, and I look forward to spinning these on this beautiful console.



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Re: Bing in Hollywood

From my experience those albums are good. Early 60s, but none of that reverb or fake stereo stuff, just the songs without any fancy stuff done. This is at least my experience with the Blue Skies and But Beautiful LPs. I know these albums can be rare, so I’d take the chance. I got my 2 copies on ebay in pretty good condition.

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Re: Bing in Hollywood

Some background here. http://stevenlewis.info/crosby/Bing'sHollywood.htm


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Re: Bing in Hollywood

Thanks for those responses. Yes, I did buy the complete set, and am awaiting delivery.  Hoping it comes on time... the mail has been really bad.

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