28/11/2020 7:39 am  #1

Radio Times picks "High Society" as "Film of the Week"

"Radio Times" covering listings for all major TV and radio channels in the UK, for the edition covering the week of 28 November to 4 December, has chosen "High Society" as it's "Film of the week", a regular feature. The article appears to start out to compare the film with Philadelphia Story but that aspect largely fades. The film itself is to be shown on BBC2 today, Saturday 28th November at 11:30 BST, and on BBC4 on Thursday 3 December at 20:00.


13/12/2020 3:15 am  #2

Re: Radio Times picks "High Society" as "Film of the Week"

High Society is one of my favourite films and not just Crosby films. It's great entertainment. I've seen The Philadelphia Story only once, many years ago on TV, and I believe the musical 'version' is much more entertaining.


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