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Barbara Windsor

The buxom English actress died today (Thursday) aged 83.
In reports it says she was engaged to Gary Crosby.
RIP Barb.


11/12/2020 4:33 pm  #2

Re: Barbara Windsor

I remember a quick browse through her autobiography at the library some years ago. As I remember it, she says something to the effect that when she was a young struggling actress she met Gary whilst he was in the US forces based in Germany during a trip he made to London on leave for a week or two. He took her on some sort of whirlwind trip around London restaurants that up to that time she could not have afforded. At the end of his leave he proposed to her. I don't remember any confirmation that there was any firm conclusion one way or other. They exchanged letters for a time but things just faded out.

Others might have her book or a better memory than mine and can add to or correct this. So far I have not seen any reference in on line obituaries.


12/12/2020 1:49 pm  #3

Re: Barbara Windsor

The obituary in today’s “Guardian” newspaper here in the UK briefly mentions Dame Barbara Windsor’s relationship with Gary.


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