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Bing's Pipe from Bing Crosby Estate Sale 1982 (Estate Catalogue)


Does anyone have a copy of the Butterfield's auction catalogue for Bing's estate sale? I'm looking for any images and information on the pipes that were sold. 

I purchased a pipe from a lady back in early 2000s who was selling all her Bing items (eBay) she purchased from the estate sale in 1982. This lady did not provide authentication to any of her items she sold based on the reasoning that the estate only gave her one receipt for all her purchases and she was not willing to share that information. 

My goal is to get this pipe authenticated.

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Re: Bing's Pipe from Bing Crosby Estate Sale 1982 (Estate Catalogue)

The Australian radio and TV personality Bert Newton had someone bid for him at the auction and bought one of Bing's pipes and, more significantly, the plaque which Australia's wartime Prime Minister John Curtain had awarded Bing in recognition of his help in Australia's Victory Loan.


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