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BBC Maida Vale Studios

The BBC's Maida Vale Studios have been receiving some news coverage recently. 
Bing made his very last recordings there on 11 October 1977 and that aspect has been mentioned in some of the items covering the current issue.

The recordings, made for broadcast, were issued on the LP "The Final Chapter" and the CD "Seasons"

BBC has no further use for them and is moving recording activities elsewhere. It is claimed that if they could sell the property unfettered for re-development they might get as much as £100,000,000. The problem is that there is preservation order on the premises as a site of historical and cultural interest arising in part from all the notable who have recorded there. BBC are therefor attempting to appeal the preservation order. 
The area of London has been through several cycles of change. It is primarily residential and small 2 bedroom apartments in a new block opposite have apparently been selling at around £700,000 each.


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Re: BBC Maida Vale Studios

Let us hope it doesn’t get knocked over.
With all that has taken place there, surely it could become a museum/archive centre.


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