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Tom Sawyer release

This October, Decca in association with William Collins, will issue Bing's narration of Tom Sawyer.




This has never been issued on CD. It was originally on three LPs or cassette tapes.
The new issue will apparently be on CD or for download. 
I personally would have liked the reissue with the original cover - a nice photo of Bing.

Instead they have chosen a rather dull stylised white and brown image of a fence overlaid on a blue background. This recalls the opening chapter of the reading, where Tom is painting the fence. It gets more exciting!

I'd imagine the recording will extend to a couple of CDs. Those familiar with it will know that it is an edited version of the book, covering a few of the main threads of the story, very well selected. 



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Re: Tom Sawyer release

This is good news - thanks for flagging it up Richard.

“Tom Sawyer” is listed for pre-order as an audio book download on audible.co.uk - Amazon’s audiobook division - where there is also a quite small but select range of Crosby titles, including an unabridged reading of the first volume of the Gary Giddins biography, a fifty-minute interview with Gary Giddins on the subject of Bing, a selection of the radio adaptations of Bing’s movies and a selection of Bob Hope’s radio shows with Bing as guest. (I would imagine that the latter two items are probably available elsewhere on the internet at no cost..!)

The press release talks about making the Argo catalogue, “...available on spoken word platforms for audio lovers around the world...”, which suggests that they might only be available as downloads, but fingers crossed we get the CDs as well.


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Re: Tom Sawyer release


It may well be that I reached the wrong conclusion. Amazon seems to be integrating on one page, books, downloads and other recordings which are all of Tom Sawyer, with little else in common whilst the box with the price for CD appears to be a non operative link. 

So, it might not be a CD issue, just a download, and the Decca announcement only mentions "digital format".


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Re: Tom Sawyer release

This is of course, great news, but I assume the "no CD" option also means that there will be no lossless download - which is bad news.

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Re: Tom Sawyer release

I’ve just downloaded this via my audible.co.uk account. I’ve got a long-ish train journey coming up in the next few days, so I’ll listen to it then and report back!


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Re: Tom Sawyer release

I just got around to purchasing this from Google Play for $12.95. In addition to having it in my Google Play Library, I was able to download it in mp4a format (standard and high quality are available), so that I have it on my computer. (Since digital books and music have been known to disappear from digital libraries, I prefer to have my own copy.)

Now I just need to find time to listen to it, since I've never heard it!

Link to the listing on Harper Collins, which links other sites where it can be purchased:

Link to purchase it on Google Play:


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