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Bing sings on film in the '40s and '50s

Bing sings on film in the '40s and '50s

A selection of filmed songs between 1940 to 1956 found on the Web:

April Played the Fiddle” (If I Had My Way - 1940)

I Haven’t Time to be a Millionaire”  (If I Had My Way - 1940)

Meet The Sun Halfway” (If I Had My Way - 1940)

If I Had My Way” (If I Had My Way - 1940)

Rhythm on the River”  (Rhythm on the River - 1940)

Only Forever” (Rhythm on the River - 1940)

"White Christmas" (Holiday Inn - 1942)

Be Careful It’s My Heart” (Holiday Inn - 1942)

Easter Parade” (Holiday Inn - 1942 tinted)

Moonlight Becomes You” (Road To Morocco - 1942)

and more

Blue Skies” (Blue Skies - 1946)

But Beautiful” (Road To Rio - 1947)

To See You Is To Love You” (Road To Bali - 1952)

"The Merry-Go-Run-Around" (Road to Bali - 1952)

Little One” (High Society - 1956)

True Love” (High Society - 1956)

I Love You Samantha” (High Society - 1956)

"Well Did You Evah?" (High Society - 1956)

Now You Has Jazz” (High Society - 1956)


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Re: Bing sings on film in the '40s and '50s

All of these songs are beautiful, I like them.
"Little one" is the song that captured my heart finally, it have and had (and I think, will have) the biggest influence on me, it is really impressive! 

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Re: Bing sings on film in the '40s and '50s

Believe the correct title is - Now You Has Jazz


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Re: Bing sings on film in the '40s and '50s

Tom Joe Mortel wrote:

All of these songs are beautiful, I like them.
"Little one" is the song that captured my heart finally, it have and had (and I think, will have) the biggest influence on me, it is really impressive! 

I named my daughter after the song I Love You, Samantha


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Re: Bing sings on film in the '40s and '50s

Dear Ron,


Thank you very much for the corrected title for the last film song link.  After 50 hours selecting and checking all the film clips for my last three main postings, I was a little tired at 5am and got the wrong title from what is written on the actual picture file of the working link.  I previously spent 20 hours on Dorothy Lamour's topic in "Others of Note" - https://crosbyfanworld.boardhost.com/viewtopic.php?id=1604. 

I have now corrected the song title. Thanks Tom and David for joining in the topic.

There is some interesting background information on Cole Porter and "Now You Has Jazz" at the following link:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Now_You_Has_Jazz

Given over 37,000 deaths of mainly elderly persons with underlying health issues (like myself) in the UK, and until very recently almost 900 people dying every day, I thought I'd better get my postings submitted whilst I'm still alive!

NB. When I read up about Dorothy Lamour, someone had written when she died as her being "long forgotten". I am pleased to find that this is not so on your Website. I ordered her autobiography "Dorothy Lamour - My Side of the Road" published in 1980 and also a rare CD collection from the USA.

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Re: Bing sings on film in the '40s and '50s

Just wondering, to save space, whether the items mentioned could be mentioned as a place to go view instead of having all on the site.
We can click on just the same as having the  actual clip on the page.
Just thinking space saving.


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Re: Bing sings on film in the '40s and '50s

Dear Ron,

Thank you for writing back. As the film clips I located are all saved on the Web in completely different places, I cannot make them viewable in a single file or link. Having the screenshot pictures makes the presentation more colourful than having a bare list of Internet URL codes in my opinion.  When one buys a book, the first thing is to look at the photos!

As a follow-up to the "High Society" song film clips in 1956, I wonder if you had seen before the following 1957 TV show extract which was aired on USA television on 20th December 1957.  It looks a bit in the style of "Did You Evah?" with Bing and Frank Sinatra looking very smart and lively.

"Happy Holidays with Bing and Frank" - "Jingle Bells"

and here are a further two songs from the same TV show:

The first "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town" by Frank Sinatra and then Bing & Frank sing "White Christmas" together (very respectfully of each other!)

One YouTube viewer wrote on the Web:
"The hand of Frank over Bing's shoulder means true friendship and that's what christmas is about, merry christmas everyone."
Another wrote: "
Absolutely amazing! Watching them singing together at the end gave me the chills."

and one more very nice TV show extract from Bing & Frank


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Re: Bing sings on film in the '40s and '50s

Victor, thank you for that wonderful selection. As I watched the songs from If I Had My Way I couldn't help be impressed not only by Bing;s singing but also his acting. He knew how to sell a song, didn't he. My wife was in the room as 'White Christmas' from Holiday Inn played and asked' I wonder if whistling will become popular again/?'. Good question, isn't it.


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Re: Bing sings on film in the '40s and '50s

Dear Graham,

Thank you very much.  As for whistling in songs, "The Jolson Story" (starring Larry Parks in 1946) portrays the very young Al Jolson as a boy performer singing on stage when his voice breaks so instead he completes the song by whistling it.

We know that Bing idolised Al Jolson and used to sneak off school to watch Jolson at the theatre from a hidden place!

Bing's whistling and his boo, boop a doo were trademarks of the early Bing.  Bing did his own whistling too no doubt.

In another topic on this Forum, I was writing about Bing's encouraging and kind remarks about Elvis Presley in the 50s and amongst other things that they had both sung "Blue Hawaii" (composed by Leo Robin & Ralph Rainger) on screen in Paramount's "Waikiki Wedding" (1937) and "Blue Hawaii" (1961) respectively.

In his boxing film "Kid Galahad" in 1962 co-starring Joan Blackman, the same attractive dark-haired actress who had been in "Blue Hawaii" the year before, Elvis sang a gentle song called "A Whistling Tune" (the actual whistling was done by one of Elvis's backing group "The Jordanaires").  Here is the short scene from the enjoyable film with good acting from Elvis.

PS.  I am reminded of an amusing comment made by "The Killer" - Jerry Lee Lewis on hearing Elvis singing "Blue Hawaii" - Jerry proclaimed: "King of Rock 'n' Roll"? - he's Bing Crosby now!  Blue ooooh....."  (or similar words).

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