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"Song and Dance" - Bing and co-stars

A selection of Bing Crosby film clips singing and dancing with Bob Hope, Fred Astaire, The Andrews Sisters, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin during 1939 - 1964.  I could not locate the actual film scene on the Web for "Put It There Pal" from the "Road To Utopia" (filmed in 1943/44 but only released in 1946) but instead there is a compilation of extracts from various Bing films to the words of the record version of the song.  "Holiday Inn" (1942) has since been officially colourised in 2010 and sold in the EU by Universal Pictures (UK) Limited. The last link is for the earliest film recording of "Captain Custard" from the "Road To Singapore" (1939) - but the sound is over loud and sharp, please note). 

The Waiter  and The Porter and The Upstairs Maid” (Birth of the Blues - 1941)

I’ll Capture Your Heart” (Holiday Inn - 1942)

Put It There Pal” (Road To Utopia - 1943/44 released 1946)

A Couple of Song and Dance Men” (Blue Skies - 1946)

"Apalachicola F-L-A" (Road To Rio - 1947)

"You Don't Have To Know The Language" (Road To Rio - 1947)

"Zing a Little Zong" (Just for You - 1952)

I’ll Si-Si Ya in Bahia” (Just for You - 1952)

"Chicago Style" (Road To Bali - 1952)

Hoot Mon!” (Road To Bali - 1952)

"Gee I Wish I Was Back In The Army" (White Christmas - 1954)

Well, Did You Evah?” (High Society - 1956)

"Teamwork” (Road To Hong Kong - 1962)

"Style” (Robin and the 7 Hoods - 1964)

Captain Custard” (Road To Singapore - 1939)

I am sure there are others from Bing's earlier films to be found.

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Re: "Song and Dance" - Bing and co-stars

I wished I could sing and dance like that.


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